Priya and Belinda Corpuz Live at the Burdock

The Burdock, 1184 Bloor St. West, Toronto

Get cozy on this November evening with the warm and soulful folk sounds and textures of singer-songwriters Priya and Belinda Corpuz.

Doors @ 6pm $12 advance tickets $10 at the door



BELINDA @ 6:30pm PRIYA @ 7:15pm

BELINDA CORPUZ Belinda Corpuz is a Filipina-Canadian, Toronto-based actor, musician, and composer. Her EP, All I Am, has garnered national radio-play, including an exclusive feature on CBC Radio’s Fresh Air. As a musician, Belinda is known for her versatile voice, and as a collaborator in the Toronto independent music scene. Her music is rich in texture, embodying a diverse variety of sounds and textures both familiar and unique to the folk music genre. Through her work, Belinda’s goal is to create something that is honest, and that all may connect to.

PRIYA Priya is an up and coming singer-songwriter and actor based in Toronto and raised along the East Coast of Canada. She has been writing music and poetry since she was a teenager and been a student of music since she was 4 years old. Influenced by her exposure to classical piano, vocal/instrumental jazz, and guitar she infused the sounds of these genres into her first EP, 'Beyond Borders', a reflection of love, the struggle of becoming and human connection. She is passionate about writing on social justice issues, empowerment and she strives to create music that moves people to feel love for others and love for themselves, as given by her namesake ‘Priya’ (Beloved).