Becoming Priya Chronicles

Welcome to My BLAH-BLAH-BLAHG. 

Me waiting for my order at Five Guys.... Un. Im. Pressed. Photo cred: Diana Luong



Thanks for dropping by my page. I'm going to post here once in a while to update you on some cool things happening as I go on this crazy music journey that is being a singer songwriter/ artist entrepreneur.


Highlights of this past month:


-I met with the Executive Director of a major licensing company and learned all the things about licensing! It turns out, I know absolutely nothing, just as I had expected.

-Pretty sure I caught a scammer or two on instagram trying to wrangle me in by saying they could help me get a major record label deal. Fun times.

-I am seeking a manager and trying to build a team of people to eventually work towards a Juried Sound Recording Factor Grant next year

-I learned I should NOT be posting my original work online because then I will have NOTHING to submit to said grant mentioned above. Awesome.

-Instagram scheduling and pre-planning  apps are the best. It's like the rice-cooker of the social world. Set it and forget it!

-I applied to the Canada Music Incubator Artist Entrepreneurship program, because... I mean BUSINESS.

-I was featured on Buzz Music LA!

-Today, I booked my first gig at a music hall!... Stay tuned for more details!


Thank you for being on this crazy journey with me. Maybe I'll win a Juno one day. Maybe you can say you read it here first. Maybe you'll be able to say you were a fan before anybody knew who I was. And maybe... subscribe to my mailing list! :)